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Mad Bro?

Posted: July 22, 2011 in Jared
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Ok so I’m pissed.
This week has been horrible… don’t ask…
To make my week even better I keep getting my butt kicked on Star Craft.
This is what I hate,
The noobs who build turrent wall IN FRONT OF YOUR OWN RAMP!!!
                                Zergling’s quick attacks under the 2 MINUETS game timeline.
                                Very very BM in chat saying I suck when I can’t get though there turret wall wich
                                                has over 50 TURRENTS!!!!!
                                Protoss vs. Protoss and one viod ray masses against my balanced force.
                                Team players who just send resources to their ally to amass marriens or stalkers
                                OP Terrans who wall off and turrets!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                Under 2 MINUETS!!!!!! rushes when I only have 4 military units
                                The ladder system were they put me in the platinum league even though I have
only played 2 online games, and the rest of the“placement” people I versed quit.
                I just want to play people that are my level not 3 year veterans that know all these “plays”
So I’m even more pissed…. Oh well I guess let me go kill some A.I. and raft down the river.