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Challengers Of Forever

Posted: June 24, 2011 in news

Let’s be blunt, here.

We aren’t a professional gaming clan, we aren’t professional casters, video editing kid wonders or even that communicative in a way most clans should be.

We’re a rag-tag group of teens that just want to game and entertain.

Somewhere along the line the three of us just decided to make a clan, and you know? It works.

Jared with his calm and inability to kill. Eager to help, easy to kill.

Myself, Hallie, with my inability to not rage quit and energy. Eager to kill, easy to get caught in the enemy spawn.

And Andrew, with his loveable chattiness and inability to follow orders. Eager to win, easy to anger.

So we made this clan, or well, I made this clan and they submitted ideas that were promptly adopted.

Challengers of Forever.

That’s us.

We game across xbox 360 and ps3, mostly 360.

We do shooters mostly but we’ll play a lil’ bit of everything.

But we’ve decided not to just stick to video games. We’ll be running montages of us winning, losing and raging.

Videos of us doing parodies, mocking the games we love, or just flat out falling on our face (we’re a clumsy lot).

Not to mention the fun little challenges will be issuing anyone that watches us, and ourselves. For, ya’know, funsies.

And that’s us in a nutshell. Just look forward for updates from us. We’ll be doing reviews of video games, we’ll be posting what we’re playing and what we’re planning. And maybe we’re posting just to share our thoughts and what our life is like at the moment. A little bit of everything from the lives of the first CoF members.