Posted: June 25, 2011 in Hallie
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Under the shadow and wing of an older brother grew and trained a young girl. She became an avid gamer, playing anything that she could get her hands on. Playing hard and playing angry she honed her skills. While maybe not on par with a professional gamer, she has honed a skill much better than any of theirs. The art of trolling.

So. That’s my origin story, maybe not as cool as Batman’s with his dead parents, or Spidey-man with his radioactive spider pal, but it’s all mine. I’ve been playing games since I could walk, my older brother already had pretty much any console out so I was able to watch and sometimes if I was lucky he’d let me touch one of the controllers for a minute. It was great.

I’m Hallie, but in CoF you’ll hear me referred to more as Gamer or Extinction than anything else. I’m the ‘leader’ of this group I suppose, and write the scripts for these sketches. I play a bit of everything from simulation games to RTS to my personal favorite of FPS. My game of choice for multiplayer is to play on Call Of Duty.

So, with the help of CoF you’ll be able to watch me as I game. You’ll soon find out that I’m the one that rages for the lulz, yells for the fun of it, and when actually putting on her try hard panties can do quite a bit of work. So I suggest to sit back and laugh as I sing, dance, and rage my way to wins.


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