Mad Bro?

Posted: July 22, 2011 in Jared
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Ok so I’m pissed.
This week has been horrible… don’t ask…
To make my week even better I keep getting my butt kicked on Star Craft.
This is what I hate,
The noobs who build turrent wall IN FRONT OF YOUR OWN RAMP!!!
                                Zergling’s quick attacks under the 2 MINUETS game timeline.
                                Very very BM in chat saying I suck when I can’t get though there turret wall wich
                                                has over 50 TURRENTS!!!!!
                                Protoss vs. Protoss and one viod ray masses against my balanced force.
                                Team players who just send resources to their ally to amass marriens or stalkers
                                OP Terrans who wall off and turrets!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                Under 2 MINUETS!!!!!! rushes when I only have 4 military units
                                The ladder system were they put me in the platinum league even though I have
only played 2 online games, and the rest of the“placement” people I versed quit.
                I just want to play people that are my level not 3 year veterans that know all these “plays”
So I’m even more pissed…. Oh well I guess let me go kill some A.I. and raft down the river.

Gaming Rules

Posted: July 4, 2011 in gaming
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If you’re a gamer, you know there are certain rules you follow. Rules of the house;

It’s my house I get the best controller, I get player one, I decide what we play, how long we play and I don’t pass the controller. If you try to tell me no, you don’t play.

There is the, you lost you pass the controller rule. Then there are the, my-system-you-can-deal-with-it rules of:

I don’t have to pass the controller over if I don’t want to.

It’s my system what I say goes.

Regardless of whether you brought the console, you supplied the game or it’s your house you have your own set of rules for the games your friends and you play. So, I’ll share with you my special rules of my games.


Being an employee of Gamestop I’m able to check out games from there. As such it’s my job to ensure they stay safe and seeing as that’s a top priority will start this as rule number one:


  1. If it came from work and I don’t own it, you don’t touch it. Handsy people can/will get punched.
  2. If it’s a new game and I am a super fan of it, you don’t touch it. Handsy people /will/ get punched.
  3. My house, my games, I’m player one. No backtalk.
  4. If I wanna play by myself, I play by myself.
  5. Put my games back up in alphabetical order, I didn’t invite you over just to clean up after you.
  6. Don’t change my settings if you don’t want me to change your face.
  7. Take good care of the game.

While the rules change from person to person the one thing that doesn’t is that gamer’s rules are very important.

So, tell me. What are your rules regarding your video games??

Evil popsicle

Posted: June 29, 2011 in andrew

Hello my name is Andrew that’s all you need to know.  Now for the information you have been searching for about me.  I am a gamer who likes shooters and role playing games although a good rts is not bad either.  I love playing in the outdoors with my friends(especially Frisbee!) and I love anime in its finest however don’t ask me my favorite anime since I probability will have no idea what your talking about.  I grew up with console gaming with the Nintendo 64 and I have been hook ever since.  My epic wins and mostly epic fails hopefully will have you laughing to the heavens!!!!  Anyway that’s all for now folks.


Posted: June 25, 2011 in Hallie
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Under the shadow and wing of an older brother grew and trained a young girl. She became an avid gamer, playing anything that she could get her hands on. Playing hard and playing angry she honed her skills. While maybe not on par with a professional gamer, she has honed a skill much better than any of theirs. The art of trolling.

So. That’s my origin story, maybe not as cool as Batman’s with his dead parents, or Spidey-man with his radioactive spider pal, but it’s all mine. I’ve been playing games since I could walk, my older brother already had pretty much any console out so I was able to watch and sometimes if I was lucky he’d let me touch one of the controllers for a minute. It was great.

I’m Hallie, but in CoF you’ll hear me referred to more as Gamer or Extinction than anything else. I’m the ‘leader’ of this group I suppose, and write the scripts for these sketches. I play a bit of everything from simulation games to RTS to my personal favorite of FPS. My game of choice for multiplayer is to play on Call Of Duty.

So, with the help of CoF you’ll be able to watch me as I game. You’ll soon find out that I’m the one that rages for the lulz, yells for the fun of it, and when actually putting on her try hard panties can do quite a bit of work. So I suggest to sit back and laugh as I sing, dance, and rage my way to wins.


Posted: June 25, 2011 in Jared
I don’t write too well, it’s one of my faults. Get over it…. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get started.
First off I’m Jared, plain and simple. I’m no hard core gamer during the day you are more likely to see me working, playing Frisbee with my friend(s)*, or out camping. After the sun sets though its different,  I’m on live attempting to kill, only to have my brains splattered by a quick scoper, or mauled in half by an Elite’s energy sword…. Both equally as painful. Unlike the other two I didn’t grow up console gamer, for the longest time (3 years) I only played one game, Age of Empires II. I still love a good RTS but ,my eyes have been open to FPS and Free world games. I probably will provoke the most laughter from my horrible fails and awkward mistakes/wins. Anyway that’s me for now maybe I’ll add more later… don’t get your hope up too high.
*Jared holds all right in how to choose his friends, he also holds the right as he see’s fit to revoke memberships on the Jared friend list. Some side effects of being Jared’s friend my include  slight confusion, loss of train of thought, being thrown into a pool, distraction, head ach, ringing in the ears, broken limbs, heart ache, loss of food in your pantry, and never having a sane conversation. Consult your psychiatrist to see if you are mentally able to take on this responsibility. If not why listen to him, he is paid to listen to your problems. If you are still reading this I commend you, I have successfully stole seconds of your life. They are now mine forever dead to the world, if you are still reading you don’t learn to fast. If you are confused go try falling in a welll.**
**On second thought maybe reading it again may help, will not be responsible for Any personal injury if you do fall in a well .

Challengers Of Forever

Posted: June 24, 2011 in news

Let’s be blunt, here.

We aren’t a professional gaming clan, we aren’t professional casters, video editing kid wonders or even that communicative in a way most clans should be.

We’re a rag-tag group of teens that just want to game and entertain.

Somewhere along the line the three of us just decided to make a clan, and you know? It works.

Jared with his calm and inability to kill. Eager to help, easy to kill.

Myself, Hallie, with my inability to not rage quit and energy. Eager to kill, easy to get caught in the enemy spawn.

And Andrew, with his loveable chattiness and inability to follow orders. Eager to win, easy to anger.

So we made this clan, or well, I made this clan and they submitted ideas that were promptly adopted.

Challengers of Forever.

That’s us.

We game across xbox 360 and ps3, mostly 360.

We do shooters mostly but we’ll play a lil’ bit of everything.

But we’ve decided not to just stick to video games. We’ll be running montages of us winning, losing and raging.

Videos of us doing parodies, mocking the games we love, or just flat out falling on our face (we’re a clumsy lot).

Not to mention the fun little challenges will be issuing anyone that watches us, and ourselves. For, ya’know, funsies.

And that’s us in a nutshell. Just look forward for updates from us. We’ll be doing reviews of video games, we’ll be posting what we’re playing and what we’re planning. And maybe we’re posting just to share our thoughts and what our life is like at the moment. A little bit of everything from the lives of the first CoF members.